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Add virtual reality to your HR toolbox!

VR Training

  • Train employees on expensive, dangerous, or large machinery without causing wear and tear on the actual machinery

  • Train employees for rare or dangerous situations, allowing them to practice as many times as they need to

  • Conduct anti-bias training in VR to combat racism and sexism in the workplace

  • Realistic simulations can also train employees on soft skills such as sales, public speaking, negotiation, and more!

VR Recruitment

  • Stand out from the crowd and attract people to your booth with a VR experience at your recruitment events!

  • Show off your office, your culture, and make potential employees feel like they've actually visited and met their future coworkers

Please note: Our training and recruitment projects are interactive apps that must be viewed in a VR headset and thus cannot be posted here. Please contact us to schedule a demo!

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