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Consulting, Speaking, Demoing, Teaching

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Are you thinking of embarking on a VR project but aren't sure where to start or what your options are? Do you have a VR project that could use outside eyes? We are happy to consult on projects that we are not producing to help you create the best content possible.


Our CEO, Emma Mankey Hidem, has been making 360° video since 2013, before any of the consumer VR headsets even existed. She is an expert in VR storytelling and regularly speaks about the topic at panels and events. She can also speak from a broader industry perspective, as she has the pulse on the coolest things happening in AR/VR today!

Want to add a cool tech factor to your event? We can bring headsets and demo VR for your audience, even if Emma isn't speaking at your event!

Do you have students or employees that would like to learn how to create 360° video content? Emma has been hired to teach everything from surface overviews and general industry best practices to deep, multi-day dives into the tech and storytelling methods of VR.

Book a call today to discuss your VR needs with Emma!

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