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Webinars and workshops

One thing we've noticed, even as VR continues to grow and become more mainstream, is that a lot of businesses want to use VR but don't know enough about it to figure out how they would use it and therefore don't feel comfortable enough to explore it as an option. And even when businesses do pull the trigger on VR, there is a hefty education process as we begin the project.

It is for these reasons that we're excited to announce that we will be producing our first webinar to educate people on the basics of VR (where the technology is right now, how businesses are using it, what businesses need to know before they embark on utilizing it, etc). The first session will take place on Tuesday, February 5th, at 1pm EST.

We did have hesitations about doing this as a webinar since trying VR in the headsets is so important, but we thought this was a good jumping off point with a low barrier to entry. This way, many people can learn a little and if they'd like to learn more, they can take advantage of another new offering we are announcing: corporate workshops.

We will do a full day of training and demos on immersive technology for businesses at no cost so long as the business covers travel expenses for our two experts. To learn more, check out the new page for it on our website. Or book a call with Emma.


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