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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Part of why I became interested in Virtual Reality was seeing visitors react to the Virtual Stadiums exhibit in the College Football Hall of Fame. Of course, I had enjoyed filming all the 360° videos, but it was seeing people completely awe-struck at how they were suddenly transported into another world (in that case the field of a stadium as a team they love runs onto the field!) that made me want to continue making 360° videos after we wrapped on College Football.

I have also noticed how few people seem to realize that Virtual Reality is not a thing of the future: it is here. Now. Even at Tech meetups, a majority of the people have never seen the technology before and go gaga over it. VR will never succeed as an industry unless people know it exists and is accessible, so I started carrying Google Cardboard with me everywhere (literally) to spread the good news about VR and show people what they were missing out on.

I use Google Cardboard because, even though it's a lower tech experience than other headsets, people still find it incredibly immersive and it emphasizes the accessibility. This is something you can literally purchase right now for just a few dollars if you have an iOS or Andoid phone. Plus it's a lot easier for me to carry around than GearVR and branded cardboard is something I offer my clients (you'll see a sample in the video).

Some fun facts about this video (in case you don't believe me when I say I carry my Google Cardboard with me everywhere):

  • This video was filmed in 6 cities across 3 states + DC

  • There are 35 people in this video - though I've shown VR to tons more than that


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