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Taking your event virtual during COVID-19

It's a bizarre and uncertain time for everyone right now and a lot of life has come to a grinding halt. One of the biggest life aspects that have suffered are live events - whether corporate events, industry conferences, or even weddings and personal celebrations.

I'm sure COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through your organization and your life. The good news is, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to move things forward during this crisis, even if your physical doors may be shuttered. Here are some ideas for taking your event online:

Corporate events & conferences:

Live-stream or create a series of pre-recorded videos of the content from your event(s) in traditional video or virtual reality. Speakers can be available to answer questions whether the video is live or pre-recorded. Participants can participate in virtual networking and breakout sessions.

Add unique features or create unique activities people couldn't do at your in-person events such as online team-building games, networking "scavenger hunts," or even just things to spice it up a little like a virtual costume contest, talent show, or virtual karaoke.

Is it a smaller event but you want some wow factor? Take your event into virtual reality - participants can view content in a synchronized room and even interact with each other as 3D avatars. Team-building games take on a whole new dimension.

Product unveilings:

Send virtual reality headsets to key individuals so that they can experience your product at scale in 3-dimensions instead of just looking at flat video or photos. Make it interactive so they can see what the product can do.

You can use cheap headsets like Google Cardboard or impress important constituents with higher end headsets like Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, or HTC Vive. Rent the headsets and attendees can return them when they're done. Buy them and customize them with your branding to create an impressive gift that will make your brand memorable.

Training events:

Create interactive video modules that track people's progress, test people's skills, use AI to answer the most common questions of employees, and even have employees train in teams. Or you can live-stream so trainees can interact with the trainer in real-time.

Take your training into virtual reality where people can see equipment or situations they're being trained for at scale in 3D and interact with the content. Track people's progress, assess people's skill levels, and even use AI or a human trainer to answer questions or walk people through the process.

Because viewers feel like they're really there and things are at scale, VR can be used for training in tasks that range from surgery to heavy machinery use and maintenance to dangerous event response to even soft skills like public speaking.

Reassuring employees and/or customers:

Live-stream remarks from your CEO so that employees and/or customers can interact and ask questions. Or create well-produced pre-recorded video content with quick turnaround to keep employees and/or customers advised as things develop.

Weddings or personal celebrations:

Live-stream your wedding or other event in virtual reality and send guests Google Cardboard or other VR headsets - they'll feel like they're really there with you! Project audio/video of your guests so that you feel their energy and joy for you. Or record your wedding in 360 so that even if it's not live, family and friends can experience it like they were really there.

Create custom Google Cardboard with your wedding or event branding and details on it for your guests as a great keepsake. You can also add customized decals to higher end headsets like Oculus Go or Quest to give guests a memorable, high tech gift they will continue to appreciate long after your wedding or event.


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